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Culinarian Bookshop is an online community for bookish foodies looking to spice up their kitchen game and build their culinary library.  We offer a collection of fictional and non-fictional food literature along with featured author events.  For the more adventurous, we offer hands-on cooking classes that promote food exploration.


Dear Friends and Family,

Success begins in the kitchen. With a proper meal you’re fueled for the day’s adventures. Learning to cook for yourself can save you money and improve your health physically and mentally.  Who knows, you may even be one of the centenarians of your generation!  It would be difficult to argue that knowing where your food comes from and how to prepare it is quite powerful.

If you learn to cook for others, you’ll never be lonely and you’ll always have a gift to share. Therefore, get ready to explore a flavorful world and dive right into your next or maybe your first, food journey.  Do not fear the flames of the stove or the sharp knife edge, for with a few books in hand you’ll be armed to Live Spicy and COOK!



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Hey guys! As a Bookworm Cook, cookbooks and food stories are my pot de crème. Culinarian Bookshop was born out of love for Food Literature and Playful Cooking.  Here you’ll find thoughtfully curated Fiction and Non-Fiction books related to food, along with hands-on cooking events.  Join us in discovering delicious recipes, life stories told with a food lenses, and all things to help you Live Spicy and COOK!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”-J.R.R. Tolkien

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Recent Reviews

book cover The last Chinese Chef

The Last Chinese Chef


This book really hits the spot when it comes to food fiction stories.  It is beautifully balanced with culinary description, human nature, and cultural awareness.  I found myself devouring each word used to depict how a dish was created, how it looked, smelled, felt, tasted, and ultimately moved the diner with intention.  Nicole Mones absolutely nails it in her book, The Last Chinese Chef, by using her life experience, having lived and worked in China for 18 years, along with her in depth resear

Demons Well-Seasoned book cover

Demons Well-Seasoned

Just like watching your own kids grow up, reading Patricia V. Davis’ third book of the Spice Café Trilogy, Demons Well-Seasoned, you feel the passing of time on many levels. As you jump back and forth through time, following the generations in periods of war and peace, you begin to understand each of the characters on a deeper level. You see the rippling effects from past decisions flow into the present lives of the characters who were young in the first two books and now have children of their

Spells and Oregano book cover

Spells and Oregano

Jumping into book two, Spells and Oregano, of The Spice Café Trilogy, Patricia V. Davis does a great job at drawing you in beyond the thriller mystery parts.  Davis makes her characters relatable with lines like, “Reading…brought far away realms to her… above all reading did a better job… at quieting her devils for a time…she loved the tactile feel and even the smell of the book’s pages.” I can immediately connect to this dependance on books to survive life’s sometime harsh realities.  In this b

cooking for ghost book cover

Cooking for Ghosts

I remember walking into Copperfield’s Bookstore in Santa Rosa, CA years ago and I went straight to the cooking section.  As I wrapped myself around their bookshelves, I came upon this book, Cooking for Ghosts by Patricia V. Davis.  The cover and title completely caught my eye.  I think I needed that book at that time to bring some excitement to my evening life, which had become a typical working mom’s routine lifestyle.  I would go to work, run errands, run kids to and from their fun activities,

book cover of Kitchens of the Great Midwest

Kitchens of the Great Midwest

When I first picked up this book, “Kitchens of the Great Midwest,” I thought it was going to be heavy on midwestern food culture, but it delicately introduced some of the well-known foods of that region.  Without noticing I learned about Walleye fish, Hot Peppers, Sweet Corn and some fun foods, such as the “Resurrection Rolls.”  Author, J. Ryan Stradal, vividly describes not only the visual experience of enticing dishes, but also the thoughts and emotions expressed when creating and tasting thes


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