Reading with Cup in Hand!

Tea with madeleines and flowers

When you grab your book and sit to read, do you always have a cup of tea or coffee in hand? I do. It’s always a must if I’m at home or near a café, or even better, yet, in a bookstore café. It’s as if the the words flow better on a page with each steamy sip. Not only do I set myself up with a warm drink, but I also tend to have a small bite to go with. If I’m drinking coffee, I can go boulder with a hearty serving of corque madame, but if tea is being served, then I a sweet treat is in order. These madeleines are perfect for indulging the senses without a distracting crunch or any messy crumbles pulling you away from your pages.

Yet, I cannot lie, a nice smooth glass of wine is always divine with an evening mystery in hand. The adrenal rush of a suspenseful plot balances out the calming tannins. I only need just enough to ensure I still dream soundly, but also get through each chapter started.

Now, with coffee in hand I begin this blog to share with you a great, quick read. In all honesty, I am a very slow reader and I found this to be a easily read at a good speed. It is very entertaining and you feel like you are sitting there in a bookshop just having conversation. Although, this is not a cookbook or a book on food, I felt that it was important to share as it sheds light into the independent bookstore industry and the people who devote their lives to serving the public with literature and creative experiences.

The Bookshop Book cover

As an introvert who loves to read, and a dreamer who gets lost in the possibilities of a life surrounded by book bindings, various typefaces, and stories for everyone, I greatly enjoyed Jen Campbell’s book, The Bookshop Book

This book is also responsible for my lofty 2022 goal of visiting the various Independent Bookstores all up and down California! This adventure has already begun, as I just couldn’t wait to explore a new bookstore. You can read about my bookstore visits here. I hope you will also be encouraged to venture out to your nearest independent bookstores to support them for serving your communities.

Happy Reading!