Dreams Do Come True: Em’s Studio Kitchen Library

All of the negative media we get on a daily basis has really emphasized the blessings I have in my life. Everyday I make sure to remind myself of the wonderful friends and family that surround me and support me. When days are weighed down by exterior hardships I tend to turn to my books for escape. Whether I read about haunted ships with romantic cooking scenes, or delving into the science of making a custard, I get a sense of relief, excitement, and joy that is energizing. With this energy I turn to cooking either from one of my cookbooks, or from recipe-less inspiration after a good fictional read.

This I have done for many years, which led me to culinary school, working some catering gigs and a short stint in a lovely winery kitchen. I have been keeping my joy of cooking and reading all to myself for the most part, but now I am ready to share in community so others can also join me on this journey of fulfillment. And discover their own culinary lit. adventure!

With the wonderful husband I have, I’m finally seeing my vision of owning a cookbook store come to life. We have been slowly working at remodeling our trailer on our property to house my studio kitchen and my library! Isn’t that every girl’s dream? Maybe not every girl, but this one is in absolute heaven when I now can see the progress. The plan is to start small by having an online culinary bookstore and provide online cooking demos and classes. Of course I have to remind myself that nothing good will come from rushing. As much as I just want everything to be perfectly set up and ready to launch, I know that this is a process.

  • temp bookshelves
  • virtual class set up

If you so choose to follow along this newbie bookseller, ecommerce, content creator’s journey, I’m sure you’ll be entertained to say the least. I can see myself now, producing video content that will probably be more blunders than expertly refined instruction. LOL! And I’m okay with that, because what is important is just to do it and not for leaving good impressions, but for soul satisfaction of making that heart pounding leap into unknown territory. It’s exciting to be in a place of discovery and exploration!

I hope to meet and connect with other food loving bibliophiles that want to refresh their palate with new cooking techniques, a discovery of some exotic ingredients , or just a look into the past food literature for future inspiration! Let’s do this together!

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

Oprah winfrey

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