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Hi I’m Emely! I’m so excited that you have found your way here to my site and that you particularly want to know more about my tasty, literary endeavor. After years of dreaming and seeking the perfect career for me, I am finally jumping into my pot of books and cooking up a wonderful treat to share with other bookworm cooks.

One of the greatest, yet simplest tips I got out of culinary school was to always read through the recipe first before starting to cook. I now understand this better than ever as I have been trying to cook my way through life without fully reading my life’s personalized recipe. As a child, I was always drawn to reading, writing and food. I wanted to teach English and write stories, but somehow, I ended up following my mother’s dream and I became a Registered Nurse. Over the past thirteen years, I have worked helping my community through my Public Health career and I’ve noticed the ingredients to my life’s recipe kept popping up.

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Emely’s Life Recipe

Course Main Course
Servings 1


  • Self-Reflection
  • Patience
  • Determination


  • Limitless Mind of Imagination and Creativity
  • Bottomless Bucket of Heart and Soul
  • Love of Learning, Reading, and Writing
  • Love of People, Cultural and Food
  • Whole Spirit of Servitude


  • Practice looking within at all the pain and blessings
  • See who you truly are: hopes, desires, dreams, and ambitions
  • Trust the flow of life and let go of emotional and physical obstacles
  • Then arrive to service ready to plate up!

I somehow found myself involved in, volunteer work feeding the community, a culinary sales group, flying across several states just to visit a Cookbook Store, along with building an extensive cookbook library and finally ended up completing a year long Culinary Certificate Program. All of these moments in my life when stirred together, helped me to create my Culinarian Bookshop Dream.

Now that I am following my recipe for a fulfilled life, I can finally start working on my mise en place, which means its time to curate my inventory, research ideal locations and turn my chocolate coins into dollars. This journey from virtual to storefront will be thrilling like a rollercoaster, full of entertainment and joy! I hope you choose to follow along, connect and cook with me as I serve up dish after dish.

Here I will share vlogs and blogs about my experience cooking through my cookbooks and other food literature books. Since food literature touches almost all aspects of life, you can look forward to a wide selection of books on farming, animal husbandry, travel, history, business, art, and fiction, too, all curated with a food lens.

Cheers to living spicy and cooking!


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