Community Supported Bookshop

Who’s your Bookseller?

What could be better than knowing your local bookseller who can help you with your book selection, whether for you or a friend? Opening your quarterly CSB box with a newly curated foodie book pairing of one fiction and one non-fiction selection, along with book inspired recipes to expand your reading experience is literary bliss!

Our Community Supported Bookshop (CSB) membership program is modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs that help sustain local farmers. Culinarian Bookshop is dedicated to promoting wellness through inspiring the community to gain the benefits of reading and having a healthy relationship with food. Your membership will help the sustainability of our bookshop, which in turn will have a rippling effect on the health of the community.

CSB Membership Options:

Kid Bookish Foodie

Develop Healthy Habits for 9-12 years old

  • One food focused book that is fiction or non-fiction delivered to your door.
  • A kid friendly book themed recipe.
  • Bookish or foodie item to keep with the spirit of reading and learning about food and cultures

No Cook Bookish Foodie

Reduce Stress & Read More

  • A foodie book pairing: one fiction and one non-fiction delivered to your door quarterly.
  • A recommend drink and meal list to try with your reading.
  • Two book club meetings quarterly will provide a sense of community that is tied together by the joy found in food and reading.

Cook Bookish Foodie

Improve Health by Cooking and Reading

  • A foodie book pairing: one fiction and one non-fiction Cookbook delivered to your door quarterly.
  • Two book club meetings quarterly will provide a sense of community that is tied together by the joy found in cooking and reading.
  • Exclusive access to live cooking demonstrations. One featured each month during the quarter with an opportunity to ask questions.

Alternative CSB Membership:

If you would prefer to select your own books on your own time, but would still like to support our independent bookshop through our CSB program, then you can by simply depositing $150 to $500 into your personal Culinarian Bookshop CSB account. You then draw against that account when you make purchases. You’ll get 10% off all purchases. Membership is valid for one year from date of purchase and you can add to your balance at anytime.

Ready to join?


Q: Can you swap out the monthly selected book for a different title?

A: Yes. Upon request, you can select a different book of equal or lesser value. You would need to do a return with your request.

Q: Are books received returnable?

A: If choosing to return a book from your monthly book box, you would be responsible for the shipping. Store credit will be given for books returned within 5 business days of shipment delivery and in brand-new conditions.

Q: Are cookbook selections available for alternative diets (vegetarian, vegan, allergy free)?

A: Yes, you will have the choice to request a only cookbooks fall under an alternative diet.

Q: Can I get audiobooks instead of the physical books?

A: Yes, you can request audiobooks for available titles. You would be sent a code that is redeemable through

Q: Can I cancel at anytime?

A: Yes. You may cancel at anytime, two weeks prior to shipping.

Q. When will my order ship?

A: Our quarterly CSB boxes ship between the 1st and 5th of each start of the quarter (January, April, July, October).

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is only available in USA at this time and costs a flat rate of $9.

More questions? Contact Emely at