Book Review: Wine People

Book Cover with a woman diving into a glass of wine.
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ISBN: 9781958506028
Published: August 01, 2023
Page Count: 288
What happens when two ambitious young women, opposite in every way, join forces in a competitive male-dominated industry? Wren and Thessaly collide when they land coveted jobs at a glamorous New York City boutique wine importer. Hardworking, by-the-book Wren comes from a modest background and has everything to prove while Thessaly hails from a family of prestigious California growers—but she is plagued by self-doubt. Thrown together at work, where they're expected to have exquisite palates,…

Like a Rosé,  Wine People, by Michelle Wildgen is a blend of an adult coming of age story, an unforeseen friendship, and self-love. This story takes two women from opposite upbringings and places them in a vat of the male-dominated industry of WINE. Surprising to all, including themselves, they went from bleeding parts of themselves into their work, as a saignée, to taking control of their own lives and using what they have learned to short macerate who they become in their own journeys. This process, is what brings color to this story.

It was an enjoyable read to follow along and observe how both Thessaly and Wren overcome their internal struggles and grow into becoming the women they didn’t know they were setting out to be. Wildgen, does a wonderful job at bring readers into the world of wine sommeliers, sales teams, and vintners. I loved how she added the details of how wines are described and experienced by these supertasters. The food pairings sprinkled throughout the novel just made you want to wine and dine everyday!

I would recommend this book for any foodie and wine connoisseur, who particularly enjoys reading contemporary women’s fiction. I would also recommend pairing this with the book, Wine Club, by Maureen Petrosky. This book provides readers with a guide broken down by a single type of wine each month. There is some history, vocabulary, and recipe pairings for each monthly selection. Pictured below are a few recipes from this book, said to pair well with a Cabernet. Readers may also want to try some of the regional foods and wines mention throughout, Wine People. Foods could include cuisines from Italy, France, Germany, the East Coast, Midwest and California.

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