Demons Well-Seasoned

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Demons Well-Seasoned book cover
Dare to Believe in Your Power... A long-lost grandmother. A stay-at-home mom. A comic book fan. A five-year-old girl with a star-shaped birthmark. And nine more. The cast is bigger, the stakes are higher. When Sarita's grandmother, a Vodou priestess, foresees a terrible evil, Cynthia, Jane, Angela, and Rohini reunite on a heart-rending mission to save all that's precious to them, including the iconic ship, the RMS Queen Mary. They cannot do it alone--the priestess…

Just like watching your own kids grow up, reading Patricia V. Davis’ third book of the Spice Café Trilogy, Demons Well-Seasoned, you feel the passing of time on many levels. As you jump back and forth through time, following the generations in periods of war and peace, you begin to understand each of the characters on a deeper level. You see the rippling effects from past decisions flow into the present lives of the characters who were young in the first two books and now have children of their own. Here Davis reinforces a strong theme of being born with a purpose. She outlines a reason for having magical powers, torturous vision, and cosmic connections, with characters marked by the stared birth mark and beaming with the magical interpersonal strengths that save the day in the end.

Again, we still can connect with the normalcy of Davis’ characters, as we read into the joys of parenthood and sibling love hate relationships. I loved when Lucca’s girls begged to eat Spaghetti for the third time that week. Even these magical little girls behave as regular everyday children. Of course, as you fall in love with the sweetness of these characters, you also experience a roller coaster of emotions as some of the characters bring sadness, furry and trepidation. By the end of this reading ride, you sigh with relief and smile with peaceful joy.

Although, this book could stand alone, I would again highly recommend reading the first two books in this trilogy to get the full effect of Davis’ brilliant works. It is a book for those who enjoy the mystery being unraveled piece by piece much like a puzzle. When listening to the story on audio book, you get to enjoy the familiar voices from the previous books, and you hear the various accents from around the world which make this book a little more tangible. Davis also, delivers on her romance and strong female protagonists who never let you down. A great read for a quick escape.

My next escape will be to visit the Queen Mary!

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