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ISBN: 978-1668008003
Published: 3/7/2023
Page Count: 288
Every summer for the past ten years, six awe-struck bakers have descended on the grounds of Grafton, the leafy and imposing Vermont estate that is not only the filming site for “Bake Week” but also the childhood home of the show’s famous host, celebrated baker Betsy Martin. The author of numerous bestselling cookbooks and hailed as “America’s Grandmother,” Betsy Martin isn’t as warm off-screen as on, though no one needs to know that but her.…

There’s nothing like a SWEET cozy thriller to get your mind going. Jessa Maxwell’s novel, The Golden Spoon, feels like it was written to all those Great British Bakeoff fans! As readers, we are drawn into the beautiful setting of a country estate in Vermont where six contestants from all over the United States will compete in the famous TV baking competition, called, “Bake Week.” We get to know each of the six, unique contestants through their words and experience the competition through their eyes. Right away we witness sabotage, secret meetings, an unsolved missing person mystery and then a shocking murder! As contestants go through the motions of the show, a few alliances are formed along the way.

I loved the mystery that felt like a game of clue and the twisted ending really got me!

The setting, of Grafton Manor, was just perfect with its forbidden corridors and family history. The characters were all interesting with their individual background stories and personalities. This novel kept my interest the entire time, as it jumped from one character to the next. Of course, I can’t leave out the delicious bakes described through the story. From real technical patisserie work to humble family recipes. It all just makes you want to bake or at least visit your nearest bakeshop! I would recommend this for those who love cooking and baking competitions. Along with anyone who enjoys a nice cozy mystery with a little bite to it. I felt that it was mostly a cozy mystery read, but still had a touch of suspenseful thriller it. Best enjoyed with tea and cake!

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