Culinarian Bookshop is an independent online bookselling business, focused on promoting wellness in the community with Books on Food.  Culinarian Bookshop offers a collection of fictional and non-fictional food literature along with featured author events, book club meetings and cooking classes.  All is curated with the mission of helping families and the next generation to have a healthy connection to food and grow a love of reading. 

Culinarian Bookshop is in its infancy phase run solely by its owner, Emely Hernandez, a
Peruvian American woman raised in Sonoma County.  Long-term plans are to open a brick-and-mortar shop where the community can join in person for cooking classes, book club meetings and author talks.  In the meantime, these events can still be enjoyed at local pop-ups and online.

Emely, grew up in Petaluma, graduated from Sonoma State University with her Bachelor’s in Nursing and has worked in Public Health since 2008 as a Public Health Nurse.  She began her college track as an English major with a desire to teach English as a second language then quickly was drawn to the health sciences.  Now, today she gets to marry these two passions with her niche bookstore.  While working as a nurse, Emely, found herself involved in, volunteer work feeding the community, a culinary sales group, flying across several states just to visit a Cookbook Store, along with building an extensive cookbook library and finally ended up completing a yearlong Culinary Certificate Program at the San Francisco Cooking School.  All these moments in her life when stirred together, helped her to create her Culinarian Bookshop Dream.

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Culinarian Bookshop is a member of the Nationwide organization, American Bookseller Association, which provides support and keeps us up to date on topics related to the book industry.  Culinarian Bookshop aims to provide a community space where Bookish Foodies can come and find books and events that will support them in growing their knowledge around food topics, skills in the kitchen, and a joy from reading.  Since food literature touches almost all aspects of life, you can look forward to a wide selection of books on farming, animal husbandry, travel, history, business, art, and fiction, too, all curated with a food lens.