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Hello! Here you can read about my adventuring around California visiting various Independent Bookstores. I have always been drawn to libraries and bookstores, but now after reading Jen Campbell’s book, The Bookshop Book, I am further inspired to visit as many Indie Shops I can in 2022!

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  • The Bookshop Book

    The Bookshop Book

    In a time when travel is not ideal, we explore the world in other ways. One easily attainable way is to pick up a book and adventure through the pages that lead you in story. One book, The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell, speaks dearly to my bookworm heart, as it led me through the different continents and into the lives of bookstore owners and various authors, too. Intertwined bookish facts and beautifully written prose draw you into the core drive of booksellers and booklovers. As an introvert who loves to read, and a dreamer who gets lost in the possibilities of a life surrounded by book bindings, various typefaces, and stories for everyone, I greatly enjoyed this book. As you read through each story, you really get insight into the bookselling industry from past times and into the questionable future of independent bookstores.

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  • Books and Chocolates

    Books and Chocolates

    Our first Bookstore visit was to Pages Books on the Green in the town of Windsor. This bookstore sits in a cute town center wrapped..

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  • Reading with Cup in Hand!

    Reading with Cup in Hand!

    When you grab your book and sit to read, do you always have a cup of tea or coffee in hand? I do. It’s always..

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